Monday, April 7, 2008

Yeah, pretty much.

Friend (6:06:43 PM): good evening sir
Me (6:06:53 PM): tis the morning
Me (6:06:54 PM): early morn
Me (6:06:59 PM): 6 in the morning in fact
Friend (6:07:12 PM): it is not. It says PM on my clock
Me (6:07:21 PM): but
Me (6:07:23 PM): i just now woke up
Friend (6:07:23 PM): just because I lack a circadian rhythm you think you can fool me.
Me (6:07:37 PM): hold on
Friend (6:07:37 PM): you did not! *protest* you went to bed early
Me (6:07:38 PM): ...
Me (6:07:41 PM): i know
Me (6:07:42 PM): wait
Me (6:07:55 PM): ok it is the evening
Me (6:07:55 PM): but
Me (6:08:01 PM): how did i just now awoked
Friend (6:08:16 PM): *narrows eyes* you've been awoked, no?
Friend (6:08:33 PM): don't you still work the job with the allconsuming lifeeating draconian hours?
Me (6:10:51 PM): which is why i woke up at what i thought was 6am
Friend (6:11:15 PM): I went to bed at what I thought was 6am.
Me (6:12:31 PM): wow so i like
Me (6:12:34 PM): completely wasted an entire day
Me (6:12:36 PM): this is bullshit
Me (6:12:37 PM): goddammit
Friend (6:12:56 PM): You are not serious.
Me (6:13:03 PM): i mean i'm doing self-paced training
Friend (6:13:06 PM): You cannot be serious
Me (6:13:06 PM): since i rolled off the illinois project
Me (6:13:13 PM): so it's not like i can get in trouble
Friend (6:13:19 PM): You really just got up and thought it was 6am?
Friend (6:13:40 PM): good grief you must be really sleep deprived to sleep for like nineteen hours at once.
Friend (6:14:29 PM): you are making an extremely weird and complex joke at my gullible expense?

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