Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Really, Steve Nash?

How about your sloppy turnovers and errant shooting?


I've always had a love-hate with Steve Nash. I love the things he does well. But I absolutely cannot stand it when he shoots from distance without rebounders under the basket, or drives along the baseline with nowhere else to go and recklessly throws the ball back out and sometimes into the stands. I just hate the image of his floppy hair just splaying about as he makes a boneheaded, clumsy ballhandling move.

There were lots of problems in Game 5, for sure -- Shaq and Amare getting into foul trouble, no one rotating onto Tim Duncan shooting that dead-eye jumper from the top of the key, and Boris Diaw making a REALLY SHITTY pass in the closing minutes during a post-up opportunity where he was going up against Ginobili (you see Kurt Thomas coming over from the weak side -- why not spin baseline and potentially find Shaq? Oh wait, you wanted to pass to the coaching staff, I forgot -- you fucking dipshit), but for me, personally, nothing is more irksome than seeing a supposed former MVP (two-time!) make unfathomably sloppy and unacceptable plays with the ball.

Nevermind that I never thought Nash was MVP-material anyway. I love the guy, but he can't play D worth a dogshit, there's that aforementioned sloppiness, and the only worse candidate to get it in recent years is probably his former teammate Dirk Nowitzki.

There was also some poor officiating to be had -- like when they called the ball out on Shaq after he shot that completely shitty baseline hook in the 4th, when Tim Duncan so obviously deflected it out; when they called Shaq for that bullshit tripping call; but there were some missed calls for the Spurs too, so I'm not going to hold it against the refs.

I didn't care who won this series, as long as it went to 7 games. It was exciting, and Game 1 whetted my appetite for what I thought would be the most competitive series in the first round. Now my fun gets cut short.

So because I'm on the internet and have to blame someone, like everyone online with a blog who thinks he knows more than he actually does, fuck you Steve Nash.

Oh, and for the record, the winner of tonight's crumbly, smearing piece of shit award is Jerry Stackhouse. Don't be mad that you're stuck on a shitty overrated squad that's about to lose its coach and that you're about to get beat by a team that you didn't even know existed before last month. Don't be mad you're not the next Jordan everyone thought you were. Don't be mad that you're not the same excellent 25-5-5 player you were on the Pistons just after the Grant Hill era ended, and likewise don't go and swipe the ball away from Chris Paul during a deadball situation and then try to be all big about it and then get ejected, costing your team two free points and a reliable outside shooter (who coincidentally was having a completely shitty series).


The AnTiPoDe said...

Ooh I so LOL'ed when Jerry Stackhouse got ejected. That look on his face was priceless!

"You can take on the world, Jerry!"


Kudos to the Hornets and Spurs.
Can't wait to see the Cavs and Wizards tonight!

Matthew said...

I never thought Nash was an MVP. That is why they don't give the award out until the finals now. The award is botched any way. I hate Kobe, but either he or Garnett are the best , Most valuable players in the league. I would even add Chirs aka Young "nate archibal" Paul to that list. Sorry Lebron I think you are the future, but you don't win enough games.

Nash is amazing and unorthodox, but that was all marketing. His style did well to get him paid and help the evolution of the fastbreak, but he cannot guard a cup of water. The game can be high octane but not evry night. you must play defense every night like NO, BOS< LA, SAN_ANt..Detroit when the feel ike it can make that list.

Shout out to Larry Brown......Ivo I would idvise you to call yuo agent and gte you to North Cacalac, becaue G Karl, will make the last 10 years you play in the NBA a complete waste of time, but you will always score.

It is looking like the Lakers have Chi-town qualities, but the playoffs is a whole other animal.

We know 4 things from last night.

1.CP3 is worthy of MVP honors
2.Nash has the worst shot selection
3.Avery is a horrible coach with a great team. (Don Nelson provided you with a great squad and you fucked it up)
4. Gimmick trades that are just for making the playoffs or winning a playiff series do not work. *Bonzi wells & Pau Gasol are the exceotion, their team's Gm's are smart. (LOngterm you dummies)