Monday, April 7, 2008

Nuke-ular Fallout

The following is the aftermath of this event, which you should read first.

Me (6:19:08 PM): i can't believe this. it's so embarrassing i had to post it :P
Me (6:19:12 PM): i'm going to get my laugh assed at
Friend (6:19:14 PM): oh man, that is weird to sleep so late
Friend (6:19:39 PM): I got up before someone! *dances at sense of liberating accomplishment*
Me (6:20:51 PM): *twiddles thumbs*
Friend (6:21:00 PM): lol. poor kid.
Friend (6:21:20 PM): you're going to screw up your whole sleep cycle now. Cause you will not be ready to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.
Friend (6:21:28 PM): unless you drug yourself.
Me (6:21:38 PM): i wonder if i should add these to the blog
Friend (6:21:46 PM): these what?
Me (6:21:51 PM): these further IMs
Me (6:21:57 PM): i blogged the convo
Friend (6:22:00 PM): ROFL
Friend (6:22:04 PM): I saw it.
Me (6:22:20 PM): i like how i categorized it
Friend (6:22:29 PM): "Indeed I am"
[see the time stamps and imagine a 15-second pause that feels like it lasts for an eternity]
Friend (6:22:44 PM): making a large and very complicated joke on my expenses. *scowl*
Me (6:23:11 PM):

Friend (6:23:31 PM): you are a large turd. *scowls harder*
Me (6:23:38 PM): the more you insult me
Me (6:23:44 PM): the worse off you are for having been tricked
Me (6:23:46 PM): example:
Friend (6:23:47 PM): I have got to stop believing everything I'm told.
Me (6:23:50 PM): you were tricked by a large turd
Me (6:23:51 PM): becomes
Me (6:23:55 PM): you were tricked by a giant phallus
Me (6:23:56 PM): or
Friend (6:23:59 PM): LOL
Me (6:24:02 PM): you were tricked by a huge pile of manure
Friend (6:24:12 PM): <--- gullible.

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