Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More Tangential and Unorganized Terminator Issues - The T-X is Shitty Fanfic

NOTE: This brog has been rated NSFW by the Blogitorial Board. There is no nudity -- only an animated GIF of a rather, er, bouncy cartoon lady. You'll see why it's there should you choose to read on.

The female Terminator -- the Terminatrix -- The T-X -- whatever the fuck you want to call her -- is shitty fanfic.

Now, I don't have a definition for what makes shitty fanfic. I think you pretty much just know it when you see it.

For the uninitiated: Fanfic is short for "fan fiction". Fan fiction usually constitutes a hardcore fan of something, usually an intellectual property (I can't imagine someone writing a fanfic about Shaquille O'Neal -- though maybe STEEL or KAZAAM ["Fun!" lauds one critic] qualifies as shitty fanfic), taking that fandom and applying it to a work of fiction that s/he can proudly call his own. Liberties are expected to be taken. Get a Star Wars fan with a really sick -- sorry, fantastic -- imagination and he'll probably write something insane -- incredible I mean -- like Luke Skywalker learning to fly like superman and then engaging in meticulously choreographed coitus with 42 virgin female Jedi students.

Oh, I'm sorry, horny shitty fanfic writer of Star Wars: Long Luke -- I meant Padawan. Forgive my ignorance of the appropriate terminology.

Shitty is the adjective variant of the word "shit", which is generally used as a negative term (most commonly utilizing one of its definitions as feces -- or manure, or poop, or uh-oh-a-lil-accident, or smear if you prefer -- as a metaphor or simile: "Smells like shit" or "That's complete, smelly horse shit") to describe something that is not to your liking.

Therefore, shitty fanfic is fan fiction that smells, tastes, feels, or looks like complete shit. The fan completely embellishes or exaggerates or goes into excessively obnoxious detail about the subject matter, adding stuff that s/he thinks is "omfg so aesome it pwns!!!111" when i reality it's completely gratuitous. I'm willing to bet it also fulfills his/her horniest desires (see the Long Luke example from three para's ago).

Now, I like Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. I was highly entertained by it. It had irreparable flaws, yes, such as JOHNCONNORSAYINGHEWAS13WHENT2HAPPENED, but I still enjoyed myself. I enjoyed myself despite the fact that -- say it with me, all three of you reading -- the T-X was shitty fanfic. But it was. Nothing against Kristanna Loken, or the concept of a female Terminator (works quite nicely in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). It's just the... the gratuitous nature of her goddamn powers and abilities that causes disc 4 in my spine to herniate out of sheer frustration.

You know what made the T-1000 scary, besides the fact that most of
Terminator 2: Judgment Day was shot at night? That motherfucker closed in on you and shoved a goddamn spike in your eye. His arms turned into barbaric pointed tips. If you blew his head open, it splayed apart in a chrome mess and then somehow repaired itself. It didn't look like a robot -- it looked like a monster.

Now, flash-forward to Terminator 3. Are we supposed to be scared of the fact that the T-X has Killer Titties from the Future? I don't mean that she was hot -- I'm talking about the scene where she gets pulled over by the cop early in the movie, she sees a lingerie ad (pronounced "linn-grrr-eee" because I'm not French; I do what I want) and then -- in order to win the cop over -- inflates her mammaries.



What the hell is this?

What next, Terminator: Mai?

You know what she said next? "I like your gun." Which means she probably took it from him, and then killed him. So why bother with the push-push-push-up? Did she need to give the guy a woodpecker before ending him? Did she have an un-Terminator-esque moment of compassion and say, "It's okay baby, you'll die (sorta) happy"? I mean, let's be real. I can almost picture the sweaty, freckled, balding guy with the high, whiny nasal voice thinking, "Oh that's hot..." as the words fall on the page:

Hot TERMINATOR X BABE, who we'll call TERMINATRIX because it sounds like Dominatrix and that really grows my gland, goes from a D-cup to an I-M-The-Alpha-And-Omega-cup.


I like your gun.

The POLICE OFFICER and TERMINATRIX look each other in the eyes, then rip off each others' clothing for a steamy, passionate session of man-machine lovemaking right there in the street. TERMINATRIX generates artificial sweat that glistens over her breasts in the moonlight as POLICE OFFICER'S love handles wobble sloppily in the dark. After climax, TERMINATRIX snaps POLICE OFFICER'S neck and takes his gun, then sings ABBA with a chorus line of T-800'S and the TOP-HAT ALIEN that burst out of that dude's chest in the end of SPACEBALLS.

(I'm pretty sure that last part didn't make it in the script.)

It might be just as offensive to my intelligence, if not moreso, as the "I call 9mm" line. Except you get no happy picture of elated conference-room denizens -- and I'd rather not look on for the keywords "obese, pervert, fan fiction author".

Whoa, look. I killed two birds with one stone. Now I don't have to explain why the nickname "Terminatrix" IS ALSO SHITTY FANFIC.

Wait, though; it gets better. She can like, dude, oh my god, control other machines! That's SO FREAKING AWESOME COOL AND IT MAKES HER DEADLYER AND SO SCARYER!!

This needle with the little remote control robots is TOTALLY TUBULAR. Shitty fat fanfic writer says, "I bet she uses it in OTHER ways too! lol amirite amirite w00t"

You know, in intense movies, usually it's some sort of monster that telephatically commands like -- I don't know, killer bees or something -- to come after you. It's taking mother nature and turning it against you; taking something very close to home and making it incredibly scary. This shit? I mean, sure, maybe there's something scary about a four police vehicles chasing after you with no driver. All I can think of when I imagine that is Burnout Paradise or Transformers, more than meets the eye, "Autobots, TRANSFORM!" *khee kheh khaw khoh*. I mean, really -- that's most of what it came down to: sending a police car after John Connor. Later on, yes, she reprograms Skynet prototypes. Big whoop. That still doesn't make her scary.

To further add to the "let's throw everything, the kitchen sink, the dog, the kitchen sink's dog, and the kitchen sink's dog's kennel into this Terminator broad and she'll be like the most bestest awesomest cool robot from the future to kill stuff!!! Radical!"

"A killer robot with EVERYTHING you ever dreamt of. How radical?" "So radical."

I mean, look! She has guns built-in! Her arm can change into a PLASMA CANNON!!!!!!! Oh and then, and then like, and then dude a FLAME THROWER.

omg way cool d00d

P. Diddy allegedly told someone to back off or, "I'll shoot flames out ya ass." That makes this

The original Terminator probably intimidated a few folks, yeah, because it was an unstoppable man with an eerie metal skeleton underneath. I mean a skeleton folks -- taking our human structure and making it foreign and cold and mechanic. The T-X's endoskeleton just looks like a robot. That's it. It doesn't make you think of a creature the way the T-1000 does, or a single-minded tank that needs nothing but its own indestructibility the way the old T-800's do. The T-X just has so many toys that it's like, ok, why bother going in for the kill? I can just shit a land mine out of my ass and be done with it. What horrifying beast ever did that? Ok, so the T-X screams a shrill, animalistic scream near the end of the movie as it claws its way to grab the escaping Connor, but that pales in comparison to the gruesomeness of this:

or this:

or this:

Whoops! How'd you get in there, Claire Danes? (Sorry Claire, but you just didn't look good in Terminator 3. Or is that Tom Cruise standing in for you in that scene?)


Melissa said...

hey you. how's about you put NSFW in your gmail status too... will kill you tonight.

why do i have to verify a word??

Adam said...

Or you could have not taken seriously a melodramatic movie that was not meant to be taken seriously.

MrCHUPON said...

Or I can choose to have fun poking holes in something I that actually enjoy otherwise because that's what I do. I'd say you're taking my post a little too seriously yourself, Thrax, but that'd be no surprise from the man who was upset at the Glam in Guitar Hero II or the bunny ears in Final Fantasy XII.

Adam said...

It just seems redundant to make fun of something that makes fun of itself.

Course, then we wouldn't have Spaceballs or Austin Powers, so I guess that it can work.

And I complained about Final Fantasy XII because it was taking itself seriously.

MrCHUPON said...

Didn't notice that you had responded until now, when I was trying to figure out how I made animated GIFs work in the first place. I don't think T3 was making fun of itself in that I DON'T think it was a parody. It had self-referential humor, yes. That doesn't mean that the movie is a self-parody. And sure, FFXII took itself seriously, but who's to say that the bunny-ear lady wasn't slipped-in self-referential? You know how wacky those Japanese game designers get.