Thursday, April 24, 2008

The DeShawn Watch, Game 3

Ohh! Looks like DeShawn is gonna get some sex tonight! Right now the Cavs-Wizards game is in the 3rd quarter with two-and-a-half minutes left, and the Wiz is up 72-45. Bring out the banners and pop the champagne -- tonight DeShawn isn't worthless (but his hairstyle is god-awful -- and his conceited ass better remember that he stole the beard idea from Baron Davis)! Let's see if this holds up for the Wiz for three more games.

In other news, the Cavs are complete shit tonight.

UPDATE: 3:35 left in the game, Wiz lead by 36!

UPDATE: Final score is 108 - 72. That must be some good jailbait sex DeShawn was playing for. His team had his back, for sure.

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