Sunday, September 21, 2008

I hope it was echo.

While I was packing / doing my rudimentary workout of curls, sit-ups and being in pain, my dad had the television set to the YES network where they were showing the ceremony for The Last Game At Yankee Stadium. After they trotted out all the big name historical Yankees, it was time for the game's starting lineup and the National Anthem.

Here's a tip: If you're in a band and you're playing the National Anthem on television for thousands of cheering fans at the last game in an historic stadium that housed perhaps the greatest team in baseball history (I'm not a fan of baseball, so I don't care for nor want to hear your arguments about them sucking; if they're not the greatest, fine by me, I don't care, now shut up), I cannot stress the following enough.


By the end of the song, you know, at, "The Land of the FreeEeEEEeeeEEEe" part, the half the horns were on "The Land" and the other half were already onto "the FreEee-". You know who that guy is in the front? The guy with the hat and the little skinny needle looking thing that he's waving around in the air to some obscure rhythm that you probably have no idea about? HE'S THE CONDUCTOR. HE CONDUCTS THE SONG. THUSFORTH, HE KEEPS THE BEAT. YOU *FOLLOW* HIM.

Tone deaf pricks.*

In sum, that was one of the WORST "normal" renditions of the National Anthem I've heard (not counting the crazy stunts and gimmicks that people have pulled off in the past; Roseanne Barr Pentland Barr Arnold Barr Thomas Barr, I'm pointing a finger in your direction since it hurts to look at you). I really, really just hope it was the echo in the stadium.

*I'm fully aware that pitch has nothing to do with the ability to count and follow a conductor. Bite my ass.


EleFlameMax said...

As I often indulge in the sentimental value of any and everything, this here thang greatly saddens me. Let the world's lonely teens and middle-aged men bow their heads in sentiment of this lost sentiment.

The AnTiPoDe said...

What a way to end years of National Anthems performed at the old stadium! There has been much worse, though, especially coming from singers.

artemis said...

i think it really is the echo. i have heard that before at other stadium type events and it's the reverberation.