Thursday, May 1, 2008

Really, LeBron?

This was supposed to be the DeShawn Watch for Game 5, but I'm livid at what I saw yesterday and had to change the title.

Really, King James? Really?

Three after three after three after long jumper after long jumper after three after three.

I'm beginning to think that maybe I was wrong to mock Brendan Haywood for, well, mocking you when you said, "I guess they're trying to hurt LeBron." I'm beginning to think that you really do believe they're trying to hurt you, and as a result, you took your time in Game 5 and threw up bullshit from the field instead of taking the lettuce to the salad bowl and getting and-ones.

Oh, and then, what about that second-to-last possession -- you know, with your team up by one, before Caron Butler shut your guys up -- when you stayed out waaaaay past the top of the three point arc, dribbled down the shot-clock to about ten, then started slowly making a move only to swing the ball to the corner for a missed three-point attempt? Why not drive the ball, try to initiate contact, and if the defense collapses on you to take away the close layin, find someone within close range to bank one home? What's with all this, "Oh, I'm going to go for the big shot from my teammate, that'll show them," bullshit?

As my boy Cris texted me: "Turning point: up 5, LeBron takes horrid 3. Es no bueno! The game 4 assist bolstered the I don't have to take the big shot mentality. I don't mind great assists, but LeBron should be facilitating everything in crunch time."

As my boy Matt texted me: "He is so lax. It made me nauseous."

All of a sudden LeBron turned from a freight train into a pillow feather in this game. All season he's been driving into the lane, taking contact and making defenses protect the basket. When he when he eliminated the Wizards in years past, it was on a game-winning layup on a strong drive. This time, yes, he did have the opportunity -- which he missed -- but it should really not have come down to that. I guess maybe he was extra motivated to take the game back to Washington DC so that he could show up DeShawn on his home floor. Maybe that's gangsta.

Or maybe just completely lame. MVPtoChrisPaulthankyouverymuch.

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Matthew said...

Dear Lebron,

I am mad at you. I am steaming mad at you. I am a tornado of anger swirling about complaining of the way you , Lebron james played last night. Yuo were home for crying out loud.

Shout out to Caron Butler.I wish you got a ring if the heat kept you, but at leats you get paid more in DC. You have really become a great pro. your boy #2 sucks!, I will not say his name.

back to you Lebron.......What the hell? I though I was high when Cleveland had the ball. take about slow and boring. It was like watching the spurs before Tony parker.....Jesus! Lebron for the first time I saw the bitch in you. This is good and bad. It is only your 5th year. We all saw the bitch in MJ once thanks to the bad boys, but the wizards are no bad boys, more like LIL Scrappies.

Bottom Line Lebron.....grow a sack and dunk on people again. nothing to fear son, you are not goig fucking bungie jumping.

Oh yeah and thanks for the correct spelling of the word I spelt wrong last night...I may have tried to spell it twice in my whole life. (sad), but i will not attempt to spell it now either.