Monday, May 12, 2008

Project in Pittsburgh

given a laptop by the client which can't be used to access any personal webmail, unlike my last project

can't connect my own work laptop to their network for any reason

can't put any flash memory cards or USB drives into client laptop to transfer files, unlike my last project

half the stuff around here closes at 6PM

per diem$ are 15% lower per day than my last project

have not yet determined whether or not I can actually get on AOL Instant Messenger

can get on Mobile Instant Messenger, though it fucks up my buddy list when I log on via computer

don't have to get up at 5AM on Monday to catch an early-ass flight, as with my last project

proximity to NYC and lack of time-zone change means my flight on Thursday night lands at 8:30PM in New York, instead of 11PM as with my last project, delays pending

access to an indoor basketball court by the hotel means I can trim some fat off my fat ass without being bored

the office building has a small mall on the first floor and a fucking food court on the second

don't have to walk for 20 minutes just to get to something, say a bar or restaurant or store, outside of the hotel as with my last project

right across the bridge from where the Pittsburgh Pirates play

Is it a wash? We'll see in about 6 months.

1 comment:

Matthew said...

Well bruh, nothing worse than country, than North country. lucky for you it is warm out now.

I say screw baseball and the wireless network, but the court is all I need. Lol.
Now come football season I may have to come see you so we can see the Steelers play. Yeah man.