Saturday, March 15, 2008

Better Than Your High School Classes

My sister so kindly introduced me to one of the most brilliant things ever conceived by man, woman or beast. Now, in order for you to appreciate this, you'll need the following things:

- working eyes
- working ears
- a sense of humor
- the internet (I assume you have this, but let's just be safe and inventory everything)
- a browser capable of playing youTube

This magical wonder is called "Drunk History" and was created by Derek Waters. I don't know who Derek Waters is, but I know he owns the world after having created this marvel. To date, there are three "episodes" (though the third one is labeled 2.5). The premise is simple: With every episode, an absolutely drunken gentleman tells his audience -- in his own words -- a tale of a particularly significant event in our American history. Meanwhile, comedic geniuses -- tarted up in the appropriate clothing of the time period -- pantomime these tales to the tee. Watch, for instance, as Jack Black's sniffling precisely mimics that of the inebriated narrator.

Those with weak stomachs should be warned: these guys really are drunk. There's no absence of puking, so ... yeah. Just remember that.



Adam said...

Every three weeks or so, I find a reason to return to that site that you freelance for.

I never expected to see anything like this as a result. Wow.

And shouldn't it be winey bastards had something to say?

MrCHUPON said...

Ah - the Thrax lives. In this specific case, yes, it'd be better as "winey" -- but unfortunately it doesn't let me alter the comment text for a single entry. :: sad face ::